highway back.

No matter where your career takes you and no matter how much your style evolves over the years there’s nothing like a few moments jamming something that brings you back to where it all began. Here is a little vid of me with my guitarist Matty goofin’ on some music of our youth at the end of a current rehearsal session. I think the love for that music is obvious in our smiles.


Outdoor fun with a trap kit.

it’s ridiculously easy to throw a tiny drum kit in your car and bounce around your hometown playing drums outside. Surprisingly very few people will ever complain and more often than not, people will gather around and suggest oddball songs that you may or may not know. Well maybe not in super remote locales.

Put the needle to the wax to let her spin, and so we begin.

Greetings and salutations from the (currently wet and rainy) B-Lo nation. I plan to use this blog to discuss all things creative; mainly music, records, vintage drums, reissues, live concerts, MP3 compression hatred and general takes on wine, dogs, recording, thai food and my fascination with blaxploitation cinema. I promise to only occasionally be meandering, incoherent¬†and self-righteous. Agree or disagree I’d love to hear about it. Put the needle to the wax and let her spin, and so we begin.