great BIG BAND LP list for drummers.

great BIG BAND LP list for drummers.

A little older piece and clearly subjective as anything else that appears in print regarding ESSENTIAL COLLECTIONS, but I tend to agree with many of these being worthy of owning.


some Gretsch Catalina Club love.

A few summers ago i picked up for a few hundred bucks what I considered to be another “beater kit”. I’m a huge collector of vintage drums and depending on the type of gig it’s nice to have something smaller and less valuable to bring out to the odd street gig or rehearsal.

A big outdoor show on the waterfront isn’t exactly the gig I’d ever think of when describing a “beater kit” but for some reason I decided to try it. This particular kit is really quite amazing, the mahogany shells and small sizes create a really fantastic warmth with a quick decay. I’d describe it as modern retro almost. I have to admit I really fell in love with this kit, and scoring it for a couple hundred bucks used was even better.

My bandmates describe it as my tight ‘n fast kit. Very funky and very precise. Check it out in the video above and see what you think. Quite a bit of punch for a little guy.

10 Indispensable Funk Albums

Here is a recent reissue of one of the many articles I’ve written for famed drum magazine MODERN DRUMMER. This originally appeared back around 2005-06 so it’s a little outdated only in the sense that it would be much different if written today. Perhaps a Pt. 2 is in order, there’s certainly no less than 100 essential funks albums in reality. Enjoy!